About Us

Orvoz is a healthcare start-up devoted to provide specialist services in four key areas of hospitals: Engagement, Analytics, Feedback and Followup. We enable clinics and hospitals to realize their growth potential by leveraging the power of technology.

What We Do?

  • We help clinics and hospitals in finding their hidden need gaps and act as consultants in strategically restructuring the hospital’s business operations
  • Through continuous feedback mechanism we strengthen the ties between doctors and patients
  • We make hospitals prosper by leveraging the power of our Data Analytics
  • With timely follow-ups we ensure that patients won’t miss their hospital appointments
  • We actively engage patients in self-care activities using research proven methods.
  • With our Edutainment services we enrich patients with insightful health information and eventually help them to reach optimum wellness.
  • We enhance patients’ preventive healthcare needs and mitigate the risk of chronic concerns and ailments.


He is the humble founder and CEO who envisioned Orvoz. Healthcare is at the heart of everything he does. His foresight and vision is what steers Orvoz towards success. His passion for achieving an inclusive business and tackling healthcare challenges with finesse is what keeps him running. ...more

A content geek and a perfectionist in execution. An MBA graduate from International Business School with 8 years of management experience. He is the fountainhead of ideas and a workhorse at Orvoz. He is also a killer specialist in research and development of insightful edutainment ...more

An MTech in Computers with 10 years of Programming and Management experience. An inspiring developer and a springboard of vision and business acumen. His strength lies in articulating complex issues with clarity of thought and aligning the workforce ...more

A wordsmith with 7 years of experience in content development and overseeing multiple teams of freelancers and writers. Earlier he was associated with brands like Google, Walt Disney and UTV Motion Pictures...more

A fantastic team player who thrives on handling critical programming challenges. Her dexterity in analyzing complex code and fixing critical bugs is praiseworthy. Watching Roger Federer making bold moves in the court is her favorite...more


A soft-spoken Orvoz Care Agent who has the gift of handling numerous follow up calls to patients with profound proficiency. She is all ears when soft music is playing on the jukebox. Doodling fine sketches with pencil defines her playtime.