Famous Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, once opined, “Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed”. Orvoz believes in this core philosophy and steers all the action in building up-to-date insights and detailed database of health awareness information.

The accumulated data is then converted to various forms of digitally engaging media viz slides, video clips, animation etc. The content is whittled down to simpler format so that patients understand the disease and take adequate preventive steps. to tackle it with confidence and also able to take well-informed decisions during emergencies or post surgery complications.

How we do it?

To achieve this Orvoz arranges a SaaS based delivery model at the hospital by leveraging the power of Internet of Things (IoT). Orvoz’s product is set to the Television in the waiting hall. The patients awaiting doctors consultation are engaged in well-structured nuggets of wisdom through random TV slides.

The shower of awareness is not just about general health but includes curated content about chronic diseases culled from reputed doctors, healthcare specialists and researchers across the globe.

The warmth of knowing surprising information about their own health and alleviating the waiting room stress has resulted in word of mouth publicity carried out by satisfied patients. Digital Engagement not only made patients educated about their health issues but also resulted in progressive revenue growth for hospitals.

Orvoz has been successfully transforming patients into health aspirants and eventually “The Brand Ambassadors” for the hospitals.


Businesses often ignore the wealth of data they accumulate over the years. They are busy dealing with the intricacies of their daily operations while neglecting the treasure trove of data that is lying within their arms reach. Orvoz assists you as an extended arm to realize the true potential of your untapped mammoth of raw data.

“What gets measured, gets managed” said Peter Drucker, the acclaimed Management Guru. Orvoz takes this a step further, we don’t just measure your data but we identify the devil in the details and deduce applicable analytics that boost your business to the next level.

Orvoz’s predictive analytics accelerate your decision making and optimizes your operations. We acquire data from every department of the hospital beginning from the reception and across the doctor consultation, operation theater to the diagnostics and pharmacy. Each data set is measured and validated by Orvoz data analytics team. Based on the data the departments are surveyed thoroughly to the last grain with insightful questionnaires and modern measuring tools.

The essence of all these exercises makes us winnow out the existing hospital procedures that are freezing the growth potential. Through these comprehensive data analytics, Orvoz detects the gaps in the operational efficiency and lays out mind maps of action items to be undertaken by the hospital. Each inadequacy is thus measured and taken care of and enhancement activities are executed meticulously to bridge the efficiency gaps. Simply put, in Drucker’s words, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. In a nutshell, Orvoz acts as ‘The God of the Gaps’, of a different kind.


Orvoz aims to provide timely action reminders for patients to help them achieve optimum wellness. This not only makes them prepared for the prior appointments with the doctor but also alleviates the pain of potential risks of delayed appointments.

How it works

Step 1
Orvoz creates a follow-up with the patient. The Doctor’s staff will record appointment details and patient’s next visit details in Orvoz SaaS application

Step 2
Orvoz care agent will call the patient before the follow up visits and help them to schedule appointments. Our agents also educate patients on preparing for the necessary upcoming diagnostic tests needed.

Step 3
Patient visits the doctor well prepared and worry-free. The next appointment schedule will be recorded by Orvoz.

Post surgery follow up is another significant procedure that makes patients feel thankful for the hospitals’ inclusive services. It allows that human touch which makes the patient and his family feel so connected to the hospital’s endearing service. It is a mutually engaging element that establishes a harmonious relationship between the patient and the hospital.

Orvoz’s lineup of follow-up services connect the missing dots that often go unnoticed. Sometimes the patient may catch mild wound infection, post-surgery fever or experience sleeplessness.

Through Orvoz’s team of experts the patient is educated through interactive sessions and makes him/her cognizant of possible complications and the necessary steps to be taken.

Orvoz through its plethora of follow-up services aims to bridge the need-gaps between the patient and the hospital, thus propelling promising results for the hospital immediately and in the long run.


“Feedback is the breakfast of the champions” said Ken Blanchard. Getting the comprehensive feedback from the patients is indeed a challenge. Orvoz develops meticulously detailed questionnaires that extract the truth out of the abundant information chaos. The feedback received is critically analyzed and sifted through thoroughly laid validity and performance filters. The essence is then evaluated by the skillful hands of Orvoz’ Data Analysts and is converted as actionable items for the hospital to implement smoothly yet swiftly.

Numerous clients often get bewildered by the negative feedback they receive from patients but our robust data analysis combined with consistent actionable help made many hospitals shine through the cumbersome loopholes of operational efficiency.

If general feedback from patients makes your clinic enhance its usual services, the post surgery feedback makes the management deal with the intricacies of operational efficiency.

Team Orvoz has built an extensive feedback mechanism that gleans timely inputs from patients efficiently. Our post surgery feedback questionnaires and their successive analysis make hospitals restructure their procedures to better match the patient needs.

At Orvoz, the feedback is just the beginning of your story. The bumpy ride of the feedback loop always returns with a joy ride of progress, achievement and ends with the patient's smile. Thus truly making you a champion.